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Rhea Edge, Artist, Naturalist & Teacher

Scarlet Ibis Group is one of many paintings created by Rhea at the Beluga Press, an expansive painting and printmaking studio in historic downtown Bloomington.

In exploring some of the world’s most biologically important tropical ecosystems, Rhea has experienced the extensive impact of human populations on wildlife communities. Direct observation and conservation ecology provides content for her paintings and prints.

Rhea is a Professor at Eureka College and Chair of Fine and Performing Arts. Now serving as Vice-President, Rhea was President of John Wesley Powell Audubon for fifteen years.

Rhea blends activism and nature study to create works of beauty and significance on themes of environmental conservation.

“Realizing that the immediate preservation of critical habitats is essential to the survival of all species is the focus of my life and my art. Childhood themes have developed into a commitment to protect wildlife and to preserve natural habitats. An Audubon Society field trip to the Florida Everglades provided my first significant insight into the diminishment of natural habitats, and resultant depletion of freshwater, increasing my desire to use my art as a vehicle to promote conservation. Subsequent travels to Africa, the Amazon, Belize, the Galapagos, Costa Rica, Brazil’s Pantanal, and Trinidad informed and expanded my world view, impacting subject and content choices in my painting and prints.”

For purchase information contact the artist at: rhea@rheaedge.com

Home Land Sea Air Hybrid Studio Bio

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